Get up to $30 with Sawnee Smart Savers

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How It Works

You are eligible to participate if you are a Sawnee EMC member. By participating in Sawnee Smart Savers, you agree to let Sawnee EMC make brief, limited adjustments to your thermostat during times of peak electricity demand (typically, only about 15 of the hottest summer weekday afternoons). By helping Sawnee control peak demand, you not only conserve energy, but you help keep power costs lower. You will cut cost without sacrificing comfort.

Sign up now, and earn up to $30

Enroll your Sensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat with Sawnee EMC and you'll earn up to $30 per thermostat each year, paid in $10 credits on your electric bill following each month you are enrolled during the summer season (June, July, and August).

Log in with your Sensi account to authorize your enrollment. Only choose thermostats located at your utility service address.

Don't have a Wi-Fi thermostat yet?

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ or contact us at

See the Terms & Conditions for full program terms.