Orange & Rockland Smart Savers FAQ

Will participating in the program negatively impact my home’s comfort?

Participating in the program allows Orange & Rockland to make brief, limited adjustments to your home’s thermostat during periods of peak electric demand. These adjustments will only affect the temperature of your home by a few degrees, with minimal impact on comfort, and will occur on non-holiday weekdays and weekends. You can easily opt out of an event at any time, for any reason.

Am I allowed to opt out of demand response events?

Yes. At any time during an event, you can opt out from your thermostat, mobile device, or web app.

Does opting out of the pre-cool opt me out of the demand response event?

For the majority of devices, when you opt out of the pre-cool, you are also opting out of the demand response event. If you own an ecobee device, you must also opt out of the demand response event.

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