Get $70 from RG&E!

Make some money by enrolling your eligible thermostat controlling central air conditioning. Plus, you will help to manage electricity demand in your community.

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If you own a smart thermostat you may be eligible to participate! If you don’t own one yet you can get one with an instant rebate.

Earn up to $70

Your utility will pay you to use less energy by making small, temporary adjustments to your thermostat during the hottest days of the year.

Stay in control.

You can opt out of thermostat adjustments at any time from your mobile device, web browser or thermostat.

RG&E designed the Smart Savings Rewards program to reward you for helping them improve the community and its energy grid. RG&E will work with you to manage usage when summer energy demand is at its highest.

As a thank you for signing up, you’ll get $70 for each eligible internet-connected thermostat you enroll in Smart Savings Rewards. In return, you agree to let RG&E make brief, limited adjustments to your thermostat when summer electricity demand is at its highest. As long as you remain enrolled and participate in at least one thermostat adjustment without opting out, you’ll earn a $20 bill credit per household at the end of the season. To enroll, RG&E electricity customers must have an eligible thermostat connected to a central air conditioning system.

During an adjustment made by RG&E, your thermostat will be automatically shifted up to 4 degrees from the current temperature for up to 4 hours. A pre-cool may be scheduled by RG&E prior to the temperature increase. Pre-cools can lower your thermostat temperature by 3 degrees from the current temperature for up to 90 minutes. Thermostat adjustments only occur on weekdays, excluding holidays, when electricity demand is at its highest between 1pm and 7pm and will occur no more than 15 times per summer (May 1 through September 30). Once the adjustment is over, your thermostat will return to its normal set point and/or schedule. Control is always in your hands and you can opt out of a thermostat adjustment at any time from your mobile device, web browser, or thermostat. *To receive the annual bill credit of $20 you must participate in one full event without opting out.

Want to receive money while helping your community decrease electricity usage and keep the electricity grid reliable? Enroll today!

If you have additional questions about the program, please visit our FAQ page or contact us at

Smart Savings Rewards customers purchasing their Wi-Fi thermostat on or after 2/1/2017 can also receive an additional rebate from NYSEG, please visit to check your eligibility.