Join Smart Rewards and earn a $50 gift card from TEP!

Enroll in TEP’s Smart Rewards program to receive a $50 Mastercard e-gift card for each eligible smart thermostat* you register. Plus, you’ll also receive a $40 Mastercard e-gift card annually for each year you remain in the program. You may register up to two thermostats per household to double your rewards. That's $90 for one thermostat or $180 for two thermostats your first year in the program.

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If you own a qualifying smart thermostat, you may be eligible to participate! If you don’t own one yet, consider buying one in the TEP Marketplace at competitive and discounted prices.

Earn $50 and additional annual incentives.

TEP will reward you for conserving energy by making small, temporary adjustments to your smart thermostat during peak energy demand, typically on very hot days.

Stay in control.

You can opt out of thermostat adjustments at any time from your mobile device, web browser or thermostat.

Smart thermostats make it easy and convenient to manage your home’s energy use throughout the year. If you don’t have a thermostat yet, you can find rebates and special discounts on qualifying smart thermostats in the TEP Marketplace.

When you enroll your new or existing qualifying smart thermostat in TEP’s Smart Rewards program, you’ll also receive a $50 e-gift card once you have successfully enrolled in the program with up to two eligible thermostats per household. Plus, as long as you remain enrolled through the end of the season on September 30, you will receive an additional $40 e-gift card per thermostat for your participation. That’s a total of up to $90 when you purchase and enroll a thermostat and up to $180 for two thermostats. You must remain enrolled in the program, and your device(s) connected to Wi-Fi to receive the enrollment and annual incentives.

In exchange, when you enroll in the Smart Rewards program you agree to allow TEP to make brief, small adjustments to your thermostat(s) for a few hours on several peak days during the summer. When this happens, you’ll be saving money and helping TEP preserve natural resources, delay the need for new energy resources, and keep electric costs lower for everyone. Enroll today!

If you have additional questions about the program, please visit our FAQ page or contact us at

*Enrollment for ecobee thermostats will be opening soon.